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Welcome to Envirostatus® 

Envirostatus® is a passive sampling company offering tools and solutions for measuring freely-dissolved concentration of organic compounds in sediments and water column. We deliver products and strategies to support customers in industry sectors and non-profit organizations. All passive sampler products at Envirostatus
are quality assured and prepared in line with US EPA passive sampler guidelines
  . Depending on the needs of the customer, Envirostatus can offer integrated services for collecting reliable passive sampling results. This includes providing passive samplers that are designed for optimal performance, support in deployments and retrievals, and streamlined data interpretation.


Our mission is to reduce the cost of environmental monitoring solutions and to facilitate the acceptance of passive sampling through their wide application and commercial accessibility.
We aim to satisfy the client needs for precise and accurate measurements that is required for bioavailability and remedial assessment. Our clients are provided with convenient and cost effective products for assessing contaminant bioavailability.
We believe the practice of routine contaminant monitoring with passive samplers will benefit our growing communities while improving the environment.


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