Envirostatus®  offers a compact passive sampler system XSITU1      for measuring dissolved hydrophobic organic compounds in sediments. The passive sampler system consists of polymer coated sheet secured in a jar. Designed to accommodate field collected sediment samples and to kick-start equilibration on the way back to the laboratory. XSITU1      is currently available with polymer thickness of 100 μm.

Key features:

  Unique configuration for easy handling

 Loaded with performance reference compounds (PRCs)

 Prepared in controlled conditions and quality assured

  Supplied with detailed instructions

  Easy to bundle with other services




Our team has extensive experience developing reproducible and high quality procedures for passive sampler preparation. Passive samplers can be also customized to fit various shapes and lengths for accurate and reliable results.

XSITU1    system can be bundled with following services:


  Mixing with tested media

  Post-exposure extraction

  Analysis through preferred certified laboratory

  Data interpretation

  Design of passive samplers for field deployments

  Field deployments and retrievals

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